SNA - International Schools of North America Odoo Version 15.0-20220103

Information about the SNA - International Schools of North America instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

From quotations to invoices
Invoices & Payments
Track leads and close opportunities
Enterprise website builder
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Organize and plan your projects
Sell your products online
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Time Off
Allocate PTOs and follow leaves requests
Track your recruitment pipeline
Centralize employee information
Employee Progress Ratio based on Opportunity
Employee Progress Ratio based on Opportunity
Payment Approvals
This modules enables approval feature in the payment.
Odoo 15 Full Accounting Kit
Asset and Budget Management, Accounting Reports, PDC, Lock dates, Credit Limit, Follow Ups, Day-Bank-Cash book reports.
CRM Claim Management
This plugin helps to manage after sales services as claim management
Create Task from Lead
This odoo apps helps user to easily create new task with deadline and project name directly from lead.
Attendances Checkin Location
Check-in with location.
CRM Dashboard
CRM dashboard module brings a multipurpose graphical dashboard for CRM module and making the relationship management better and easier
Service Desk
Process addon for the Website Service Desk application.
Exam Management for Education ERP
A Module For Exams Management Taken In School
Generic Request
Incident management and helpdesk system - logging, recording, tracking, addressing, handling and archiving issues that occur in daily routine.
Generic Tag
Generic tag management.
Helpdesk Management
Hotel Management V15
Hotel Management Application for odoo 15
Library Management for Education ERP
A Module For Library Management For School
Send Message Composer
The tool to always open a full composer on the button 'Send a Message'
Track equipment and manage maintenance requests
Management System
Project Dashboard
Detailed Dashboard View for Project
Purchase Request
Use this module to have notification of requirements of materials and/or external services and keep track of such requirements.
Attendance Management
A Module For Attendance Management In School
Evaluation Management for Education ERP
A Module For Evaluation Management In School
School Event Management for Education ERP
A Module For Event Management In School
Fees Management for Education ERP
A Module For Fees Management In School
Transport Management for Education ERP
A Module For Transport & Vehicle Management In School
Base Dynamic Approval
Sale Dynamic Approval Sale Order Dynamic Approval Expense Dynamic Approval Account Dynamic Approval Invoice Dynamic Approval Bill Dynamic Approval Invoice Approval Process Bill Approval Payslip Dynamic Approval Purchase Dynamic Approval Odoo
Popup Message
create Success, warnings, alert message box wizard,success popup message app, alert popup module, email popup module odoo
Timetable Management
A Module For Timetable Management In School
Web: Odoo Debug Mode
Web: Odoo Debug Mode allows you to enable debug mode with just a click.
Manage and publish an eLearning platform
Publish events, sell tickets
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Schedule employees' meetings
Manage your fleet and track car costs
Publish blog posts, announces, news
Live Chat
Chat with your website visitors
Create surveys and analyze answers
Build your own dashboards
Track employee attendance
SMS Marketing
Design, send and track SMS
Manage a forum with FAQ and Q&A
Skills Management
Manage skills, knowledge and resumé of your employees
Online Jobs
Manage your online hiring process
Employee Contracts
Paypal Payment Acquirer
Payment Acquirer: Paypal Implementation
Stripe Payment Acquirer
Payment Acquirer: Stripe Implementation

Installed Localizations / Account Charts

Multi Language Chart of Accounts
Vietnam - Accounting